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740-297-9310 Angie

740-856-7068 Paul

[email protected]

Buckeye Ridge Bernedoodles

There is no substitute for perfection.

Current Puppy Litters

*Please understand we receive close to 75 calls a day. Texting or submitting an application are the best ways to communicate with us. It also helps us weed out folks who aren't serious about purchasing a puppy. Once your application is on file, we will update our contacts.....then your calls will get through to us. Contact Angie at 740-297-9310 or Paul at 740-856-7068 for more information.

We are utilizing a Master Waiting List for 2021. Puppy selection goes in order of deposits received. 

Bailey and Charlie Harper

Born 01/16/2021

Puppy Go Home Day 03/13/2021

Bailey's weight 85 pounds

Charlie Harper's weight 55 pounds

Puppies will weigh between 55-85 pounds

Ginger and Big Mac

Born 01/20/2021

Puppy Go Home Day 03/17/2021

Ginger's weight 50 pounds

Big Mac's weight 70 pounds

Puppies will weigh between 50-65 pounds

Avery and Charlie Harper

Born 02/08/21

Puppy Go Home: 04/05/21

Avery's weight 35 lbs.

Charlie's weight 55 lbs.

Puppies will weigh between 40-50 lbs.